PGJSA Summer Series 2020

The Series

The PGJSA Summer Series 2020 will consist of the Championship Qualifiers hosted by Devon, Mattituck, Old Cove, Orient, Shinnecock, Southampton, and Southold Yacht Clubs.

*There are 6 Optimist Qualifiers Scheduled

*There are 5 Laser and C420 Qualifiers Scheduled

*There are 4 Sunfish Qualifiers Scheduled

*The Championship Regatta will not be part of the Series

The Classes

The PGJSA Summer Series 2020 will consist of the following classes:

Optimist Red, White, and Blue


Laser 4.7

Laser Radial

Laser Full

Sunfish Singles

Sunfish Doubles


* All sailors must be a member of PGJSA through their own club

Series Rules and Guidelines

Team racing is prohibited at all events and may be protested and result in a penalty.

* There must be at least 2 sailors in a fleet for that fleet's Qualifier to be scored in the Series.

*A sailor's change of sail numbers from what appears on the event's registration form, without notifying the host club check-in staff and the Race Committee prior to the first race, will result in disqualification.

*Laser sailors shall remain with the rig chosen in their first regatta.

*The skipper in all events must stay the same.  The crew may change.

Optimist, Sunfish, Laser, and C420 sailors must have a score indicating that they started and attempted to finish at least one race in a Quaifier for that Qualifier's score to count in the Series.  If a sailor's score for a Qualifier consists of all DNS or DNC scores, or a combination thereof, that regatta will NOT count in the Series.

Age Rules

*Optmist age rules apply with this exception: Sailors that begin the Series in a fleet shall remain in that fleet regardless of a mid-Series birthday.

*Sailors for all classes (except for Sunfish Doubles) may not turn 19 years of age in the year of the event.  Sunfish Doubles, skipper and crew, must be 8 years old in the year of the event and must not turn 14 in the year of the event.


Qualifiers: The final standings of each Qualifier will be calculated using the Low-Point Scoring System Appendix A of the racing rules.  There will be NO throw outs

Series: Qualifier results will be combined using the Low-Point Scoring System Appendix A of the Racing Rules to calculate the final Series standings.  The number of Qualifier results combined will be one less than the total number of Qualifiers completed in each fleet.  If a sailor completes all Qualifiers for their fleet, their worst score will be discarded.  (Qualifiers that were cancelled without postponement will not be included.)


  The top 5 sailors in each fleet will be recognized and presented with the PGJSA Summer Series 2020 trophies.