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Coaching Conditions

The Race Committee reserves the right to disqualify any competitor that is believed to have received coaching assistance during a race.

A patrol boat from the host club may rotate between courses to monitor coaching.  If a coach needs to be warned, we will do so.  A second warning will result in a return to the dock.


In accordance with U.S. Sailing Conditions, no coaching is permitted during the U.S. Junior Championship and Mid-Atlantic Midget elimination events and no coaches will be allowed on or near the racecourse.


Coaching will be allowed only between races and is not permitted after a General Recall.

Coaches/Instructors are required to register at the regatta and must remain present, available, and reachable for the entire regatta.

If coaches want to be on the water, they must provide their own boat.  VHF, a First Aid kit and US Coast Guard required safety equipment must be on board.

Coaches, support personnel and spectators are required to keep off the racecourse during the event unless called upon to assist in certain safety conditions. They are required to monitor the Race Committee VHF channel (identified at the Coaches Meeting) and follow any safety instructions issued by the Race Committee.

Coaches and spectators shall neither make nor receive radio transmissions or communications of any kind to or from competitors during a race unless in an emergency situation.  This restriction also applies to mobile telephones and any other wireless device.